BECOME A BADASS machine learning llama!

What is the Llama programme?

Real-world machine learning is never the same as a course you took or a video you watched. With the Llama programme, we aim to give you the experience to take you from a newcomer to an absolutely badass machine-learning llama by working on real projects with us.

What does it entail?

Depending on your experience level, we will develop a custom training plan for your first 2 weeks with us. During this time, you will be introduced to your mentor who will be working with you throughout your time with us. After this training session, you will be given your own project which you will take control off, with real world deliverables. Depending on your interests, these projects are either research driven or engineer driven. 

What is required?

You must have had exposure to machine/deep learning, but you do NOT have to be an expert at all! Along with this you should not be afraid to program and you need to have passion and resilience. Ideal candidates are post-graduate students or undergraduates in their 3rd year at least. If you are not at university, don’t worry. If you are on the level of 3rd year undergraduate, you can still apply.

What were examples of previous projects?

Firstly, there was a project titled Zero shot image classification enhancement via text label improvement. This project created a model that can optimize the list of labels given to a zero-shot image classification model, in this case, Open AI’s Clip model. The labels are optimized in such a way that the representation of the label is closer in Euclidian space to the target image representation. Another project titled Semantic Summaries from Sequential Media created a system that can detect when the “topic” of sequential data, such as podcasts, has changed based on the trained representations.

How do I get in?

Click apply, wait for the call, answer some questions and badaboom you are in.


Do you think you have the experience to train and teach our llamas? Are you ready to take on your own projects? Send us your CV!