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The Llama Programme is the next step in your journey to becoming the best ML researcher or engineer you can be.

Real-world machine learning is never the same as a course you took or a video you watched. With the Llama programme, we aim to give you the experience to take you from a newcomer to an absolute badass machine learning llama by working on real projects with us. If you are an undergraduate student, we will place you in a cohort during the university vacation periods; otherwise, we will take you in when it suits both parties. So, for example, postgraduate students or anyone not currently enrolled at university can join anytime throughout the year.

Depending on your experience level, we will develop a custom training plan for your first two weeks with us. We will introduce you to your mentor, who will work with you throughout your time with us. After this initial period, we will give you your own project, which you will take control of and lead. Depending on your interests, these projects are research or product-driven. After about two months, you and your cohort will present your work at the Llama ML day.

Previous projects included Zero-shot image classification enhancement via text label improvement. During this project, a system was designed to optimize a list of labels given to a zero-shot image classification model. The labels are optimized so that the representation for the text of the label is closer in Euclidian space to the image under considerations’ representation. Another project titled Semantic Summaries from Sequential Media created a system that can detect when the “topic” of sequential data, such as podcasts, has changed based on the extracted representations.

What you can expect from us:

  • One on one mentoring.

  • Access to experts on Slack or in the office.

  • You will receive a well-defined project with space to adapt it to what you want it to be. You can also bring a research question to us and work on it.

  • The opportunity to do something publishable.

  • Of course, a salary.

  • Great food and better coffee.

Apply if:

  • You are comfortable writing software in Python.

  • You can work with Pytorch or any similar library.

  • You are self-motivated and can work independently, but also as a team with your cohort.

Applications are open throughout the year. Just take the leap, click on apply below, and we will be in contact with you. You can attach anything with your CV submission below. Just make sure you send it as a single pdf file.


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